Why measure your footprint?

There are compelling business reasons for tackling your carbon footprint. Did you know that the energy cost of each tonne of carbon dioxide is around £200? Footprint Reporter will help you lower your energy bills, build your reputation and meet government reporting requirements.

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“We knew we needed to start measuring and managing our carbon emissions to keep a competitive edge.”—Lowellyne James, Capital Cooling

Comply with government regulation

If you are a UK listed company, it is likely that you will need to report your carbon footprint from next year under The Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Directors' Reports) Regulations 2013. See our White Paper on Mandatory Carbon Reporting for further information. Other companies will need to report their emissions if that are part of a Climate Change Agreement, the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme or in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

It will not be long before all but the smallest companies will have to report their emissions. It pays to get ahead of the game in more than one way. The CBI believes that carbon reporting brings with it wider commercial benefits.

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Save energy, save money

You can't manage what you can't measure. Reporting your emissions will help you to see how your organisation could use energy and resources more efficiently. This could mean substantial financial savings. A recent report suggests that the costs of reporting are lower than the government thinks, and the financial benefits are greater. Climate change is not a problem that will go away, and the impact of the problem and regulatory solutions will affect your bottom line sooner or later. Understanding your exposure to the risks and recognising the opportunities will help you save money in the long term.

Enhance your reputation

Measuring your emissions will enable you to set targets for reducing them. Cutting your organisation's carbon footprint will strengthen your reputation with customers and investors in an increasingly environmentally aware marketplace. If you’re doing better than your competitors, you can show that you are a green leader in your sector by reporting your emissions. Defra research has shown that reporting emissions helps companies reduce their footprint, improve their image and become more attractive to investors.

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